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I Can Foundation Tanzania homeI Can Foundation is a non profit organization which primarily focus on
school children sponsorship for school fees at nursery, primary,
secondary and technical college levels with special emphasis to girl child

I Can Foundation provides awareness education to parents especially to the rural Maasai Communities on the importance of children education. The Organization encourages people around the world with charitable and compassion heart to come to volunteer as well. Maasai is a famous traditional tribe in East Africa. The majority of this tribal groups do not have formal education and as a result I Can Foundation Childrenmany children miss the opportunity to get education especially girls due to their strong traditional beliefs. I Can Foundation strongly believes that only through education support is where the real human socio-economic liberation is achieved. With educated communities there are no injustices and oppression practices. Peter did research and presented an 85 page Thesis based in an urban poor community in Arusha, Tanzania. If you would click here to view the thesis,

Evangelizing an Urban Poor Area in East Africa Context

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  1. David West

    Great to see your web presence and the pictures of the school. I am so looking forward to coming over to visit later this year. I know the Lord has great plans for “I Can”.

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